Chovar, Holiday near Home..

The small picturesque village of Chovar is on the hill, 7 KM Southwest of Kathmandu. The small hill is located at such a location from where a panoramic view of whole Kathmandu Valley can be attained. From the hush and rush of the centre city, Chovar can be of an ideal location for just a break from the day to day busy schedule or a good option for a night-out, especially for the city dwellers.

Chovar is located at Kirtipur municipality, a municipality rich is its own culture, way of life with having a splendid history. History says that when Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked the Kathmandu Valley, he started from Kirtipur and it was not a piece of cake to siege the town.

Chovar, a place for the peace seekers, where you will surely have a good break from all your hectic way of life. The village has a superb panoramic view of whole Valley with an astonishing 160 degree view of mountains line-up.

Not only Chovar does have its rich natural beauty but it also contains a rich cultural scrutiny points. At the top of the hill lies Adinath Temple, one of the Machindranath (Red) of Kathmandu. Both the Hindu and Buddhist devotee worship the god, Hindus as an incarnation of Lord Bishnu and Buddhist as a Buddha.

Many buses come here from the Kathmandu City bus stand (45 minutes). The bus stops at the bottom of the hill called Chovar gate and from there you have to walk an organized stone-steps for about 30 minutes to reach the top of the hill. It is more comfortable to get here by taxi or private vehicle as such the vehicle can reach up to the top of the hill.Many tourist visit Chovar as a detour from Kirtipur to Patan either by hiking or cycling.

At the bottom of the hill lies the oldest Ganesha of all, Jal- Binayak, one of the four Ganeshas of the valley. Near the Ganesha’s temple lies another wonderful spot, Chovar gorge, the only water way out of the Kathmandu valley. Very recently near the Ganesha temple and Chovar George, the Park has been established which has been a perfect location for recreational activities like organizing picnics programs and many more.

Chovar with all these wonderful places to visit can be one of the important tourist spot near the capital city.