Paintbrush is more effective than bricks and tires we Burn

Nepal-Bharat Library organized the 10th edition of Tavern Tales featuring one of the emerging contemporary artists Sujan Chitrakar about his recent art exhibition “let’s talk about ART baby” held in Siddhartha Art gallery, Kathmandu. The discussion was between Chitrakar and Kanchan Burathoki who is the Arts editor of Republica Newspaper. Later, there were number of questions from the audience as well.
Sujan chitrakar portrays him as a concept based artist not a style based one. That can be easily exposed in his recent art exhibition where his creations are based on retrospective analysis with a lot of photographic effects. His main goal with this art exhibition is to make people talk about the art. He wants to increase the level of art appreciation rather than selling them. “I have requested my audience to take the pictures of my art-work and they can post it in their blogs, facebook or simply make a poster of it. By doing so, they just don’t have to buy my painting but they can appreciate my work.” Said Chitrakar.