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Chovar, Holiday near Home..

The small picturesque village of Chovar is on the hill, 7 KM Southwest of Kathmandu. The small hill is located at such a location from where a panoramic view of whole Kathmandu Valley can be attained. From the hush and rush of the centre city, Chovar can be of an ideal location for just a break from the day to day busy schedule or a good option for a night-out, especially for the city dwellers.

Chovar is located at Kirtipur municipality, a municipality rich is its own culture, way of life with having a splendid history. History says that when Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked the Kathmandu Valley, he started from Kirtipur and it was not a piece of cake to siege the town.

Chovar, a place for the peace seekers, where you will surely have a good break from all your hectic way of life. The village has a superb panoramic view of whole Valley with an astonishing 160 degree view of mountains line-up.

Not only Chovar does have its rich natural beauty but it also contains a rich cultural scrutiny points. At the top of the hill lies Adinath Temple, one of the Machindranath (Red) of Kathmandu. Both the Hindu and Buddhist devotee worship the god, Hindus as an incarnation of Lord Bishnu and Buddhist as a Buddha.

Many buses come here from the Kathmandu City bus stand (45 minutes). The bus stops at the bottom of the hill called Chovar gate and from there you have to walk an organized stone-steps for about 30 minutes to reach the top of the hill. It is more comfortable to get here by taxi or private vehicle as such the vehicle can reach up to the top of the hill.Many tourist visit Chovar as a detour from Kirtipur to Patan either by hiking or cycling.

At the bottom of the hill lies the oldest Ganesha of all, Jal- Binayak, one of the four Ganeshas of the valley. Near the Ganesha’s temple lies another wonderful spot, Chovar gorge, the only water way out of the Kathmandu valley. Very recently near the Ganesha temple and Chovar George, the Park has been established which has been a perfect location for recreational activities like organizing picnics programs and many more.

Chovar with all these wonderful places to visit can be one of the important tourist spot near the capital city.

Paintbrush is more effective than bricks and tires we Burn

Nepal-Bharat Library organized the 10th edition of Tavern Tales featuring one of the emerging contemporary artists Sujan Chitrakar about his recent art exhibition “let’s talk about ART baby” held in Siddhartha Art gallery, Kathmandu. The discussion was between Chitrakar and Kanchan Burathoki who is the Arts editor of Republica Newspaper. Later, there were number of questions from the audience as well.
Sujan chitrakar portrays him as a concept based artist not a style based one. That can be easily exposed in his recent art exhibition where his creations are based on retrospective analysis with a lot of photographic effects. His main goal with this art exhibition is to make people talk about the art. He wants to increase the level of art appreciation rather than selling them. “I have requested my audience to take the pictures of my art-work and they can post it in their blogs, facebook or simply make a poster of it. By doing so, they just don’t have to buy my painting but they can appreciate my work.” Said Chitrakar.

No wings to fly….

A person cannot fly; it’s a reality simply because we have no wings. But, it’s quite the opposite with Chinese Acrobatics performers. Not only they can hop meters of height but they can carry a man upside down and do a lot of lopsided stuffs. Maybe that is why Chinese acrobatics ranks among the best in the world with their thousands years long history, rich repertory and distinctive artistic characteristics. When you watch a Chinese acrobatics show, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically.

On the auspicious occasion of Chinese Spring festival and a Chinese New Year, The two-day Chinese Acrobatic Show was performed by The General Troupe of Acrobatics and Folk Arts of Zhejiang Province, China at Nepal Academy Hall. The event was organised by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and World Cultural Net (WCN). The Deputy Prime Minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari along with the Hon. Ambassador of PR China Qiu Guo Hong were the chief guests of the event inaugurating the extravaganza. The Chinese Ambassador expressed his token of love to the Nepal and said, “I am delighted to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Nepal with such an outstanding event.” The deputy prime minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari expressed his gratitude to the People’s Republic of China on promoting such a friendly exchange program with wishing all the People of China a Happy New Year on behalf of all the Nepalese. He said “China-Nepal relationship has always been in a prosperous form and we have a strong responsibility to preserve this precious relationship.”
The total of 33 members acrobatics show was performed in an approximate time span of 30 minutes. There were 13 of the acrobatic feats making audiences thrilled in every moment of those minutes. Among these shows, 7 were the award winning performance not only in China but in different places of the world in various competitions. Before the performance of each show/act, brief visual information of about the act was given. Buddha Light in Putuo Temple was the first contortionist act performed by 14 of the members which was a blend of lighting with appropriate clothing that added beauty of the performance increasing visual effects.

Among the feats, Butterfly Lovers which was an aerial show made the audience scream in surprise and amazement. Among the audience was Hari Bansha Acharya, renowned Nepali actor who couldn’t control screaming and was delighted to witness such a thrilling act.
There was Clown Show a Bowl Bouncing act, fighting in Kitchen hand skill which along with the thrill gave audience a moment of laughter as well. Bright Pearl in West Lake was yet another extraordinary act in which performer showed his unbelievable talent of spinning plates so delicately that they simply looked like gently waving flowers.
There were shouts from all the corners of the audience and people were jumping and screaming to appreciate and observe such charismatic performance that everyone in the audience will remember all their life.